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If you have a good business, but is not listed amongst the top 10 results for majority of your keywords, then it’s like leaving thousands of dollars on table which are up for grab by your competition and that is the amount of money you might be losing every single day. Considering smallest of markets, you might be losing 4000-5000 dollars per month by not being visible to your potential customers. It’s time for your business to take some quick action.

With us, working along like your partner, you have your very own online marketing department, if you already have one, then consider us like your SEO service department.


There are more than a billion searches taking place on the internet every day and millions of transactions are taking place at this very minute. Here are some powerful facts which you might not be aware of:

According to power reviews “57% of shoppers begin their online research with a search engine.”

“A search click creates 69% more brand preference.” – Google

75% of internet users have the intent to purchase when using search engines.” – RedCroix

“77% of search users choose organic over paid listing when searching and 67% choose organic search when purchasing.” – Intraspin

39% of search engine users believe that the companies whose websites are returned among the top search results are the leaders in their field.” –

“SEO originated traffic achieves 200% more conversions when compared to banner, affiliate and social shopping referals.” – Econsultancy

From the above facts, it is clear that, you are actually giving money to your competition by not being present, you are eroding your brand value and there is a huge potential for your business.


We can turnaround this situation for you and help you generate more sales, increase your brand value and that to with little to no effort on your part. You can leave all the headache to us.

We have an extremely unique model. Our CEO personally develops all SEO strategy and monitors the progress. He has team which he personally trains to execute your quality SEO campaign, which are focused to increase your return on investment. He has been in this industry since 2006 and has worked with clients from across the globe, ranging from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, India and several more countries.

He even has an MBA in Marketing, so your SEO campaign is handled by a professional with a pool of resources at his disposal. He is also an online marketing fanatic and is on up-to date with all developments within the industry. This ensures you get high expertise at your fingertips, along with affordability.

Sample SEO Traffic Results

Increased Traffic by almost 120%, around 12000+ new visitors every month from Google, within 8 months.

Increased Traffic by almost 918.28% within 1 year from Google.

Increased Traffic by almost 1035.26% within 1.5 year from Google.

Increased Traffic by almost 135.07% within 1.5 year from Google. Approximately, 44,000 new visitors every month.

Ranking for more than 54 Keywords in top 3 position within Google.

 Example Page 1 Results Obtained

The internet is growing fast and so is the SEO industry as a whole. Working with a SEO package approach does not work anymore and any agency who insist on package’s or is trying to sell you packages, they are only trying to make their work easier and are delivering you specific service with no concern towards your profitability.

We on the other hand offer customized service to each of our client which as already stated earlier, are created and monitored by our CEO personally. We are more focused in generating profit for you. In fact, there have been times we have offered several services free of cost to start-ups or entrepreneurs. For our CEO, online marketing is a passion and that is what makes him tick everyday. He may even mail you helpful tips [not just about SEO] from time to time regarding your site or competitor insights which may benefit your business.

We are all about quality result. In fact, during link building we have automated systems to check for several factors which checks for PageRank, Page Authority, Domain Authority, Type of Link [Nofollow or not] and ensures optimum link velocity, link diversification, anchor text diversification, link deletion and replacement, link approval, etc. Our tools are worth more than $15000 and ensure that you get the best result.

Once you are ranked in top 10 results, you not only benefit from increased sales, but better visibility and citing from other bloggers/press release writers within your industry which can give you immense boost. It can help you catapult your business to other online marketing channels where conversion rate might be low but still offers lots of opportunity.

One of the most important aspects of SEO is research. This includes both, internal research that we conduct on our websites and external research which are conducted by outside agency. We study these researches and pass on the benefits to all our clients by applying those strategies for their business.

Our Process

Client Analysis
During this stage we work with you to understand about your business, your goals, companies USP and products that are offered. This initial understanding helps us to create viable strategy for your business during the next process.
Keyword Research
During this stage, using more than 6 tools and competitive insights we study potential keywords that we can target based on your insights, our discovery and keywords for which the competitor may already be ranking for.
Keyword Selection
We select the keywords that will most likely convert and generate sales for your business. We divide the keywords into two groups; one group is for those keywords that we want to rank in short term and other those that we want to rank in long term. We also based the selection criteria based on difficulty level as some keywords may take too long to rank and do not justify expenditure for startup companies.
On Page Optimization
A lot of changes are made to the site itself to ensure that site is search engine friendly, which basically means that site should convey easily to search engines what they are about. We carry out these changes our self or pass it a report to our client and their webmaster can make these changes.
Off Page Optimization
This stage mainly involves link building activity. We scout the internet for places where we can get links for you and these are one of the major factors considered by search engine. We even cover basic social media sites like twitter and facebook to get your website some visibility and which is considered as an important factor within few industries.
Monitoring Performance & Statistics
During this stage, we review monthly goals set by us and tweak our strategy and update our clients regarding monthly performance so they can review our performance as well.

Our focus is Result-Driven

Rather than focusing on SEO ranking and just traffic, our focus is to generate more sales and profitability for your business. We consider our measurement of success not by SEO results but by the return on investment we generate for you based on our SEO work.


We realize one size does not fit all.

We do not deal in packages. Our competitors may offer you packages with several details, but what they won’t tell you is the quality and lack of any distinction between these packages for industry. Every industry works in a different manner and many SEO professional fail to realize that. Offering yellow pages packages to McDonalds just won’t make sense, would it?


We Take On Projects of All Sizes

We have worked with several large and small companies, from a 500+ Ecommerce website to a small website, selling only 2 products. Whether you are a startup, entrepreneur or a large business, we can work with you to jump start your business online. We have worked with several industries, including, health, financial, non profit, entertainment and travel.


We are finally available to accept three more clients. But hurry! Because once we have 50 clients, we won’t be available for another six months.

Why Choose Us?

We work with very limited number of clients at any given time. As mentioned earlier, our CEO personally creates all strategies and even monitors them. Although we have a large team to carry out the strategy but our CEO only has limited time to focus on maximum 50 clients. This ensures you not only get expert working on your online marketing plan, but also makes it affordable as well.  Our CEO is an online marketing fanatic and stays on top of all changes within the industry and develops strategy for your overall online marketing plan. Even if he is focused on single strategy when we get started, he will mail you regarding other strategies or small tips based on industry or competition insights, which can help your business grow. His passion is online marketing and learning about human behavior.

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What Our Clients Say?

I was referred by a friend, who was already getting great results, to try out “Onketing Online Marketing”. Within about 90 days I was seeing many of my “key word” searches on the first page of Google and Yahoo, and many within the top three listings. If you are looking for a professional company that understands SEO at a very affordable price then Onketing can help you take your online presence to the next level! Give them a try, you will not be disappointed.

Onketing Customer 1
We saw increased traffic on some core keywords, professional advice and help with quality backlinks. I would say simply go with OnKeting. They possess the qualities, insight and expertise to aid or guide you in your SEO efforts. You will not be disappointed.- Michael Marchetta

Onketing Customer 2

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