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At this very moment customers are dialing the numbers of your competitors. Gone are the days when people used yellow pages or other printed material to find local business. Today’s generation would rather search using their smartphone through Google or other apps to find business. When was the last time you used Yellow pages?

For most local business it is important that they are listed in local online search engine and directories rather than ranking for national or global terms.

Even if you are on limited budget, you can get listed in these directories and with our helpful  expertise, dominate the ranking. This will help you drive more business to your store through more footfalls or calls.

There have been several recent studies which indicate that yellow pages and traditional mediums are being abandoned. Your business needs to change with changing time. Local listing offers much more than what yellow pages could offer. You have images, videos and several other business details which you can add and that too with no space limitation.

Are your competition visible in Google with map listing, when you search for your business related keywords?

Are you looking for more business and have a limited local region to target?

Do you find it tough to manage these online listing and rather have an expert handle it for you?

Would you like to run temporary promotion with coupon to drive more sales during off season?

Our CEO along with his expert team can help you achieve higher ranking along with increased exposure.


Our focus is Result-Driven

Rather than focusing on SEO ranking and just traffic, our focus is to generate more sales and profitability for your business. We consider our measurement of success not by SEO results but by the return on investment we generate for you based on our SEO work.


We realize one size does not fit all.

We do not deal in packages. As based on your requirement we may have to cover different search engine and sites. For example, if you are based in US, listing in Google Local, Yahoo Local & Yelp might be helpful. But, Yelp is not used in every other country and may require a completely different focus. Depending on your local requirement we offer customized pricing and plan.


We Take On Projects of All Sizes

We have worked with several large and small companies, from a 500+ Ecommerce website to a small website, selling only 2 products. Whether you are a startup, entrepreneur or a large business, we can work with you to jump start your business online. We have worked with several industries, including, health, financial, non profit, entertainment and travel.


We are finally available to accept three more clients. But hurry! Because once we have 50 clients, we won’t be available for another six months.

Why Choose Us?

We work with very limited number of clients at any given time. As mentioned earlier, our CEO personally creates all strategies and even monitors them. Although we have a large team to carry out the strategy but our CEO only has limited time to focus on maximum 50 clients. This ensures you not only get expert working on your online marketing plan, but it makes it affordable as well. Our CEO is an online marketing fanatic and stays on top of all changes within the industry and develops strategy for your overall online marketing plan. Even if he is focused on single strategy when we get started, he will mail you regarding other strategies or small tips based on industry or competition insights, which can help your business grow. His passion is online marketing and learning about human behavior.

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What Our Clients Say?

I was referred by a friend, who was already getting great results, to try out “Onketing Online Marketing”. Within about 90 days I was seeing many of my “key word” searches on the first page of Google and Yahoo, and many within the top three listings. If you are looking for a professional company that understands SEO at a very affordable price then Onketing can help you take your online presence to the next level! Give them a try, you will not be disappointed.

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We saw increased traffic on some core keywords, professional advice and help with quality backlinks. I would say simply go with OnKeting. They possess the qualities, insight and expertise to aid or guide you in your SEO efforts. You will not be disappointed.- Michael Marchetta

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