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You are losing money at this very moment. There are visitors on your website currently who are not converting and are preferring your competition. No matter how much traffic you get from SEO, PPC, Banners or Affiliates, low conversion rate is actually lost opportunity.

We will help you turn that around and make your business and other marketing channel reach new profitable heights. We can help you squeeze the extra dollars that your business should get and be able to dominate your industry.

Consider conversion optimization as filling the cracks within your flooring to avoid loss of income.

Why our strategy works for you?

Our CEO personally consults with you on conversion optimization strategies and he is an expert with 6 years of online marketing experience. Using the diverse knowledge from all areas he is able to guide you with the best optimal strategies for your landing page.

Before wasting more money on SEO, PPC, SMO or other marketing channel you should first focus on optimizing your conversion rate. If you conversion rate improves my 50%, you profit practically increase by as much as 50% or more. You can see why it is an essential and important step.

Every single conversion counts and like all business you might get repeat orders from the customers. Therefore the lifetime value of each customer adds much more to your bottom line in long run.

While trying to improve your conversion we focus on the following levels:

User Friendly Analysis: If your site is not easy to navigate or users are not able to find the product that they are looking for then these are some major areas that need immediate attention. We test and analyze these factors using several tools.

Content Analysis: When it comes to selling content is the king. Although picture may convey a thousand message, but what your content says matters much more. If your content is not persuasive or easy to understand it may drive your potential customers away. You should be able to convey your unique selling point and main benefits easily to potential customers.

Online Marketing Analysis: Here we connect the traffic sources with the landing page. For example, if your website gets traffic from product A to your domain and not directly to product A, then this will definitely affect sales. If customers don’t see what they want on your page, they leave in split second. Human beings are lazy and so are your customers and you need to guide them to the right part.

Funnel Analysis: We analyze each step that leads to your sale and during which stage the customers drop out. Something like this can provide immense insight, for example, if most of the customers leave during shipping details, then probably you need to add alternative and cheaper shipping option while check out. Sometimes, the page for certain stage might not render correctly and may cause the customer to leave.

Our AMAZING GURANTTEE removes any risk on your part.

If we are not able to improve your conversion by at least 15%, then we offer you full money back. Get a first free consultation today and let us help you make more profit.


We are finally available to accept three more clients. But hurry! Because once we have 50 clients, we won’t be available for another six months.

Why Choose Us?

We work with very limited number of clients at any given time. As mentioned earlier, our CEO personally creates all strategies and even monitors them. Although we have a large team to carry out the strategy but our CEO only has limited time to focus on maximum 50 clients. This ensures you not only get expert working on your online marketing plan, but it makes it affordable as well. Our CEO is an online marketing fanatic and stays on top of all changes within the industry and develops strategy for your overall online marketing plan. Even if he is focused on single strategy when we get started, he will mail you regarding other strategies or small tips based on industry or competition insights, which can help your business grow. His passion is online marketing and learning about human behavior.

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I was referred by a friend, who was already getting great results, to try out “Onketing Online Marketing”. Within about 90 days I was seeing many of my “key word” searches on the first page of Google and Yahoo, and many within the top three listings. If you are looking for a professional company that understands SEO at a very affordable price then Onketing can help you take your online presence to the next level! Give them a try, you will not be disappointed.

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We saw increased traffic on some core keywords, professional advice and help with quality backlinks. I would say simply go with OnKeting. They possess the qualities, insight and expertise to aid or guide you in your SEO efforts. You will not be disappointed.- Michael Marchetta

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