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Welcome To OnKeting.

Lets face it. Online Marketing is tough. You have Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Website Optimization for Conversion, Local SEO and Reputation Management. In SEO alone, you have 3 major search engine Yahoo, Google and Bing. Did you know that Google made more than 450 changes to their algorithm during the last year. It is just impossible for a small business owner or mid-size or even large companies to focus on all these aspects.

You need an expert like me. Let me introduce myself, I am Rahul Makhija having done MBA in Marketing and have been in this industry for more than 6 years now. Most of the online marketing aspects interact with each other to generate sales or leads for your business. I create your online marketing strategies while my trained team executes it for you. There will be times when a person comes through your website through facebook, but buys when he revisits 2 days later through SEO keyword or through bookmark.

A strategy that looks at all your online marketing effort will help you generate much more sales / leads than focusing on just a single strategy. Accordingly to research, you need to display your ads on TV seven times for the message to go across to the user. Same applies to the users on the internet, chances are they might not purchase in a single click and will return later to make the purchase.

That does not mean that you should not get started with a single strategy. Each industry works in a different manner and I am sure that applies to your business as well. Get a free consultation from me today and let’s see how we can get started.


Our focus is Result-Driven

What that means is we are more focused on the Return On Investment that we generate for you rather than just traffic. We work with you on design/content changes which help increase sales. But, at the same time we also look for traffic opportunities that will bring more business. I personally look at all your strategy and personalize it according to the objectives we have discussed and based on your requirement.


We realize one size does not fit all.

We do not have packages as we believe every industry works differently and there are different marketing opportunities in each industry. Pepsi does not advertise in yellow pages and plumbers don’t advertise with banners. Any company who offers you packages is doing that to make their job easier and not for your benefit. We think of you as our partners and believe in transparency.


We Take On Projects of All Sizes

We have worked with big ecommerce store which sell 500+ products to a home based website. We help small, entrepreneurial companies and even start up companies to make it big in the online space. Sometimes we have done free of cost as well. We have worked with several industries, including, health, financial, non profit, entertainment and travel.

Our competitors will talk about packages and services with all required details, but what they won’t tell you is the quality factors. They may even outsource the work to less knowledgeable folk. Our work is focused purely on quality, results and return on investment for our clients. Our tools worth $15000, checks for quality factors and ensure work is up the mark that is handled by our team.

While we work on and grow your business, you can focus on your core business or get more time with your family.


We are finally available to accept three more clients. But hurry! Because once we have 50 clients, we won’t be available for another six months.

It’s extremely crucial that you select the right people working for your online marketing. It is a known fact that millions of business owners have lost thousands of dollars in online marketing due to poor strategy. Since, it takes some time for most of the online marketing strategy to work, by the time you realize that your agency’s strategy is not working, you have already spent a lot of moneyor probably gone bankrupt due to zero result. Which makes your this decision extremely crucial.


Why Choose Us?

OnKeting offers a unique model. Our CEO, who is an expert in online marketing, creates all the strategy, while his team executes it. You get both, high expertise and affordability at the same time. We have worked for companies from USA, Canada, UK, Hungary, Australia & India. With more than 6+ years of experience and raving reviews, you are bound to get results with your online marketing.

We work with very limited number of clients at any given time. Although we have a large team to carry out the strategy but our CEO only has limited time to focus on maximum 50 clients. This ensures you not only get expert working on your online marketing plan, but it makes it affordable as well. Our CEO is an online marketing fanatic and stays on top of all changes within the industry and develops strategy for your overall online marketing plan. Even if he is focused on single strategy when we get started, he will mail you regarding other strategies or small tips based on industry or competition insights, which can help your business grow. His passion is online marketing and learning about human behavior.

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What Our Clients Say?


I was referred by a friend, who was already getting great results, to try out “Onketing Online Marketing”.   Within about 90 days I was seeing many of my “key word” searches on the first page of Google and Yahoo, and many within the top three listings.  If you are looking for a professional company that understands SEO at a very affordable price then Onketing can help you take your online presence to the next level!   Give them a try, you will not be disappointed.
Onketing Customer 1
We saw increased traffic on some core keywords, professional advice and help with quality backlinks. I would say simply go with OnKeting. They possess the qualities, insight and expertise to aid or guide you in your SEO efforts. You will not be disappointed.- Michael Marchetta
Onketing Customer 2

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